Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to eShaafi’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section! We understand that using telemedicine services may be a new experience for many of our users, and we want to ensure you have all the information you need to make the most of our platform. This comprehensive FAQ is designed to address common inquiries and provide clarity on various aspects of our app, from how to schedule an appointment to ensuring the security of your medical data. Whether you're a first-time user or a long-time member of our telehealth community, we hope this resource proves helpful in navigating your virtual healthcare journey with us

  1. Q1.Is my personal information secure at telemedicine app?

    We understand your concern about privacy. We employ robust security measures to protect your health data from unauthorized access or breaches.

    • Q2.What type of personal data is collected?

      To register at eShaafi, the following information is collected:

        • Phone number (Mandatory)

        • Name (Optional)

        • Age (Optional)

        • Previous medical record (Optional)

        • Gender (Optional)

        • Email address (Optional)

    • Q3.How secure are my personal details?

      eShaafi uses a secure socket layer (SSL) internet security protocol to ensure no one can access your personal or banking information.

      • Q4.When is my information collected?

        Your information will be collected when you sign up on or the eShaafi mobile app.

        • Q5.Do you save credit card information?

          eShaafi doesn’t store any data related to credit cards, online wallets, bank accounts, and any other financial information.

          • Q6.Is there any service fee applicable on online payments?

            There are no additional service charges for making online payments.

            • Q7.Do I get reimbursement in case of cancellation of my online payment?

              Yes, please refer to the “Refund” section in Terms and Conditions.

              • Q8.Can I cancel my appointment?

                Yes, you can cancel an appointment two hours before the appointment time. You can cancel a maximum of three appointments in a day.

                • Q9.Can I reschedule my appointment?

                  Yes, you can reschedule your appointment two hours before the appointment time. And you can reschedule a maximum of three appointments in a day.

                  • Q10.What happens if I am not available at the appointment time?

                    If a patient doesn’t receive a call due to any reason, the patient can request to reschedule the appointment by contacting eShaafi support.

                    • Q11.What if I face technical issues during the telemedicine appointment?

                      We understand technical challenges. Our website and app is designed to be user-friendly, and our support team is available to assist you with any technical difficulties you may encounter

                      • Q12.Can I trust the prescription provided through the app?

                        Your safety is our priority. Our doctors prescribe only genuine and appropriate medications, considering your specific health needs.

                        • Q13.Is the quality of care same as in-person consultation?

                          Yes, you will receive the same level of care through the telemedicine app. Our doctors are dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare remotely.

                          • Q14.How can I trust a doctor i haven’t met in person?

                            We value your trust. All our healthcare professionals are licensed and experienced. We ensure they meet strict credentials and have a track record of providing quality care

                            • Q15.Is my payment secure?

                              We use third-party service providers for online payment processing that enables your payment to be secure in accordance with the latest security standards.

                              • Q16.What type of account can I use to pay online?

                                You can use debit or credit cards, JazzCash to pay for your appointments.